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Nature, animals, earth. They have always been closest to my heart even as a child. Being born and raised in a small village in Germany on a little farm will catapult your thinking in a certain direction. My childhood was spent mostly outside in the meadows and woods of Bavaria, often with my grandfather who was a real woods man. I have a great appreciation for all living beings and I hope that with my books I can inspire you to (re)connect with all that this wonderful on this magical planet!  


"The Idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong in this world"

Paul Farmer

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Earth Advocate

Claudia has always had a passion for books and writing, however it really came to fruition in combination with her love for animals and activism. Being intimately involved with the animal rescue group Justice for Dogs, she felt compelled to write a book about the rescue dogs that she and her pit bull Eddie were involved with. The book called "Eddie's Tails" was released November 22nd 2013 and within weeks became a favorite in Northern Vermont.

Born and raised in Germany Claudia came to the US in 1992 and initially lived in Washington D.C. for 11 years. In 2003 she made the move to Vermont which has become her forever home. She lives in a log cabin in the woods with an ever changing menagerie of animals!

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